Best Island Fiji Resorts

There are lots of wonderful resorts in Fiji and you could visit one of them if you purchase one of those holiday packages. Here is one of the best Fiji Resorts:

Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji

The Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji is a very peaceful resort located on a secluded island off the coast of Nadi. This resort has 20 comfy rooms that face the beach and they offer lots of water activities, scuba diving and fishing.


Tokoriki was designed to provide couples a romantic and secluded resort so children are not allowed on this island. The resort boasts a huge infinity pool, which is one of its main attractions, and there is a smaller pool at the back where guests can learn how to go scuba diving from experienced dive masters. The resort also houses a wedding chapel located at the hill if couples prefer a traditional wedding. If visiting couples wish for a beach wedding the resort is happy to oblige them. Tokoriki’s beach has very fine white sand on the southern portion of the beach right beside the bures placed there. Snorkeling is also a favorite activity here and most tourists go snorkeling in the ocean because the lagoon has too many seaweed that could hamper one’s sight underwater.

Deluxe Beach Bures

Tokoriki’s beach bures are all designed with a traditional style. The bures have high thatch roofs, which make the whole thing more breezy and comfortable, and all of them are placed twenty yards from the shoreline and a canopy of coconut groves cover them. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, king-sized beds, and lounge area. Bathrooms are equipped with huge indoor showers and there are outdoor showers as well if visitors want to clean off the sand after a swim in the beach. Guests can find a minibar in their rooms as well as a private safe, coffee and tea making equipment, and a hair dryer.

Sunset Pool Villa

At the northern end of Tokoriki’s beach is the Sunset Pool Villas. These villas are very secluded so that guests who want the utmost privacy will not be bothered here. Guests have a panoramic view of the ocean and there is a huge private deck complete with double lounge beds and a pool. They have spacious rooms with king-sized beds and a lounge area and all of the rooms are equipped with air-conditioners and ceiling fans. Bathrooms have double sinks, shower, toilet and an outdoor shower. Like the deluxe rooms the Sunset Pool Villas also have minibars, private safes, hair dryers, coffee and tea making equipment.  


Tokoriki Island Resort Fiji offers elegant dining with an À la carte menu, fine wine and serenading musicians to give couples a romantic evening. The dining area is located beside the infinity pool where the guests could marvel at the stars above them if they prefer to dine beside the beach. If the guests want to eat indoors there is also an indoor restaurant that serves great food and wine. Afterward, if the guests want a nightcap they could head to the resort’s bar for some alcoholic beverages.


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